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Starting a business in Oman used to be a cumbersome and time consuming process. All the paperwork had to be done manually, there was no integration between different government agencies and the officials were only able to process low volumes of applications. It was not only a difficult process for the applicant, but it was also difficult for the officials.

The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) for Company Registration was set up early in 2000s, when the customer service functions of different government agencies were co-located to provide customers with a faster service and eliminate the need to physically travel between different locations. Hence the name “one-stop-shop” – to get all company registration services from single location.

Technology transformation of OSS started in 2003 and the first version of OSS software went live in 2006. This was an improvement at the time, and the registration of companies increased significantly. In 2010 the OSS technology transformation project was initiated, and the system was upgraded to work on cloud services which allows system availability to close to 24/7.

Graph of Invest Easy Project Milestones from december 2013 till July 2016