For ease of access, we have divided our services into four main groups. You can find the four main groups in the home page categorized in an easily understandable way for ease of use and reach.

Additionally there are 2 main services:

  • User Profile (Click on the name on the header).
  • My CR Dashboard (Click on My CR on the header).

About US

This section shows general information about Invest Easy Project. The info is also available on the footer.


This section shows the four main groups of services in addition to the services procedure which contains detailed information about each service. The FAQ section is also included as part of Services.

Government Licenses

This section describes the types of licenses and the procedure of each one.


This section shows Invest Easy news, gallery, events and activities, newsletters, published, infographics images and official gazette. Additionally you can also sign up for portal Alerts. 

Government Data

This section provides information about integration with Invest Easy, Business Statistics, and open data.

Contact us

This section provides information about Invest Easy service centers, call center, SANAD Offices and PKI Activation Locations. Additionally you can use the contact form to send complains and suggestions to Invest Easy. It also has section of participation in polls and surveys.


In this section, you'll find links to communication channels of Invest Easy, and various Invest Easy social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. You can give your opinion on any topic by contacting the Call Center, sending an email, using the contact form, participating in social media channels and so forth. The goal is to engage the public in the decision making process and the development of Invest Easy services.




User Friendly Tools:

Invest Easy portal contains many user-friendly tools, which enhance accessibility and enable users to navigate in a user-friendly manner.   

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Acrobat reader

As most of the documents in Invest Easy portal are in PDF format (portable document format), we suggest that you use Acrobat reader to access them. 

Further help

If your problem has not been resolved, please contact our Call Center (+968 2481 7210) or helpdesk e-mail

We would like to hear from you, and your user-experience visiting this portal. Your remarks can help us improve Invest Easy portal. You may also come across accidental errors or broken links and we request you to help us locate and rectify such mistakes that occur despite the best of our effort. Please use the above channels to contact us.




Portal Content


What can I find in this portal?

Invest Easy is an online portal offering e-Government services to the business community. Here you will find tools to start a new company or manage your current one, to query for business information or request Commercial Registration certificates. You can also use several other e-services that will help you in your interactions with the Government.

This portal also provides a gateway to Invest Easy social media accounts and Helpdesk. Using these channels you can provide us your valuable opinions, feedbacks, suggestions and criticisms openly and we are keen to listen to your reviews to improve this portal.

What kind of services can I find here?

Since its launch in 2012, this portal has been growing steadily and it is currently integrated with 11 government entities. You can use 45 services, which cover most aspects of a company’s life cycle.

You can search for existing companies and trademarks, start a new company, update or add business activities, change contact information, add investors or signatories, close a business and make appropriate public announcements, when required.

How to contact us with your ideas?

It is easy to contact us using several different channels. You can send us an e-mail at or call 2481 7210. Our social media channels are also open for feedback or suggestions on issues related to the content and services of this portal. We are present in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

How to access services through the portal?

  • Services offered to you in this portal fall into two categories – services that can be used without logging in and services that require a safe login and identification of a user. It is possible to search for business information, public announcements and official gazette without logging in. All services that manage the life cycle of a specific company, require a user to log in using one of three means of identification – a PKI enabled ID-card, a Mobile ID or e.Oman access.
  • For ease of use, the main services are grouped on the front page to allow quick access: Starting a Business, Managing a Business, Finding Business Information and Closing Business. The appropriate services are shown after choosing a main category.
  • You can also access all of the services using the drop-down menu at the header of the page.

How to log in to the Portal?

You may browse the public contents of this portal freely. But using most of the e-services require registering yourself as a valid user with a unique identity.

You can log in using one of the three provided access channels – a PKI enabled ID-card, a mobile ID or e.Oman username. To use a PKI enabled ID card, you need to check if your ID-card is valid for this use. If your ID card is not PKI enabled, you need to request one from ROP. To activate the ID-card you need to activate it in the PKI activation locations in ROP branches.
After activation you have to ‘Login’ to portal to receive your authorization code via an SMS to your mobile phone and proceed to activate your account for the very first time through the portal.

To use a mobile ID you need a SIM card that provides a mobile ID PKI technology. You can get the SIM card from your mobile operator.

It is recommended to use the PKI enabled ID card, as it provides the ability to give digital signatures – many services require your confirmation in the form of a digital signature and these services can not be used with the other login options.

Can I copy and use the contents from this portal?

The content of this portal including but not limited to information, images, graphics, video or other multimedia, software and links are the Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and are copyright protected. You can read these contents and link to them freely. However if you require to copy and use this information for academic or research purposes kindly get in touch with us using the online channels.

It is prohibited to use any automated means of fetching information from this website. That includes scripts and automated bots written to generate XML data from the content of this Portal.

Read our Copyright Notice

What should I do if I come across errors in viewing or using this portal?

If you come across any errors viewing or using this portal, please contact our customer support using any of the contact channels. You can contact our call centre (2481 7210) during regular working hours. Our e-mail and social media channels can be reached 24/7.

To help us resolve the problem as soon as possible, please provide all the appropriate details when describing the error – you could provide screenshots with specific error message and the CR number and service that have resulted in an error. We will do our best to help you resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Our support team staff is bilingual (English and Arabic).



The Term



ID Card Activation Location

A location of providing service for the investor to activate his ID Card with PKI technology.



PKI is short for Public Key Infrastructure. It provides a secure method of identification for activities where simple password would be an inadequate authentication method and more rigorous proof is required. That means it can be used to conduct official procedures that would otherwise require face-to-face recognition and/or a handwritten signature.

Site Map

A page that performs as a help tool and contains the elements of a website in a subjective classification method, without the need of navigating the website while looking for a specific topic.


Integrated e-services

The e-services in which the e-portal integrates with the entity that provides the service. The integrated e-services are available on the e-portal.


Web services

The web services are a set of e-services provided by the portal to the government entities that are integrated to the system.



A feature added to a website in order to guarantee a smooth usability of its content for the widest range of users, including individuals with disabilities.



A mean of online communication with the decision makers and responsible individuals through their e-portal or website in order to facilitate and enrich the dialogue for a better media and society.



Short for “Information and Communication Technologies”, it includes all the tools, means, and devices, in which the user can send, receive, edit, share and restore information across the world using a wide range of communication technology devices.



Ministry of Commerce and Industry.


Open Data

A page that Invest Easy provides for all users to read or download data available in different format such as Statistics, reports, etc..



Minister of Commerce and Industry.