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Fri, 1/12/2017   , 31/3/2018

Ministry of Commerce and Industry announces to the owners of the individual enterprises with expired registers till 31/12/2016 to go to the ministry for the renewal of their commercial registers within a period not exceeding 31/3/2018. In case of non-compliance, the expired commercial registers will be cancelled based on Commercial Register Law and its executive regulations and the entities associate with Invest Easy System will stop dealing with them.

The ministry asks the owners of expired commercial registers till 31/12/2016 desirous to make the decision of (dissolution and liquidation) for their commercial companies to apply through SANAD Offices to cancel their commercial registers and complete the procedures of (dissolution and liquidation), provided that the renewal of their registers and the payment of the prescribed fees for renewal, thus they shall be exempted from the payment of the delay fine of the registers.

In the case of default, the Ministry exempting them from the fines. The Ministry will not be liable as a result of this towards third parties.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

You can search the expired CRs through the list (Expired CRs in 31/12/2016 and before) .

Below infographic explains the possible solutions offered by the ministry:

Infographic explains the possible solutions offered by the Ministry of commerce & Industry for expired commercial registrations