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Sat, 2/8/2014

Simplifying the licensing process in Oman is a priority

We are documenting how licenses are issued in Oman and building the National License Database. For three weeks more than sixteen people team visited six ministries and did numerous interviews. Now we have better understanding what investor is asked to do to receive a license from Ministry of Environment Affairs, Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, Muscat Municipality, Civil Defense, Ministry of Oil and Gas, Ministry of Information. We will use the collected information to simplify the licensing regulation, and to integrate issue of licenses into the Invest Easy.

During licensing meetings we also introduced attendees and their partners to changes happening in the Invest Easy initiative, highlighted the importance of licensing and integration between our systems. In the photo below you can see the intensive work of the OSS team at the ITA premises in KOM 4 with the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Oil and Gas.

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