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Invest Easy initiative aims to provide easy, fast, efficient, effective, transparent, secured and high quality electronic government services through Invest Easy portal by following global best practices, which achieves a high level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are keen to provide all the information needed by the customers which can be reached 24/7.

Invest Easy Portal provides you with the services procedures each individually. It helps you to know the following before starting the service: Service Description, Eligibility, Procedure, Required Documents and Forms, Required Approvals, Fees, Access and Delivery Time.

You can look at the services procedures by navigating the services groups in the side menu.


Clients Service Charter

Invest Easy is keen to provide high quality services, so that the clients will receive a featured and fair service.

Our commitments

  • We take good care of your applications/requests, and we shall spare no effort to meet these applications/requests with great interest and transparency.
  • We are working to facilitate the service delivery procedures in order to ensure their timely completion.
  • We inform you, beforehand, about the documents and time required to complete each application or transaction.
  • We keep you informed of any amendment which might be needed to complete your transaction or application.
  • We deliver our services through a qualified team of staff.
  • We provide you with accurate information and ensure that appropriate procedures are in place.
  • We maintain the confidentiality of the information provided.
  • We welcome your views and suggestions so that we can all work together to develop our services.


Our expectations

We expect from our clients to:

  • Appreciate the efforts of the staff after serving them and responding to their inquiries.
  • Submit all required documents.
  • Provide all information needed within the specified time.
  • Inform us, immediately, of any update or changes in the data of the application.
  • Provide opinions or feedback objectively, if unsatisfied, on any service delivery mechanism or its completion time.
  • Fair assessment enables us to uplift our services.