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Use this service to cancel your Commercial Registration. Canceling a CR may require prior liquidation process.
Service Description

This services allows to cancel the commercial registration completely.

Service Eligible User

All Omani citizens and foreign persons with Oman ID/Resident Card can use the service. ID card should be PKI enabled.
All of the shareholders must be able to provide a digital signature by the PKI enabled ID Card or Mobile Signature. Otherwise the CR must be registered in the service providers offices.

Digital signature will NOT be available to underage Oman citizens or residents and foreign persons without Oman ID/Resident Card.

Please note that online service allows maximum of 5 investors to sign application using PKI enabled ID Card while there is no limit for the Mobile Signature.

Service Procedure

Press Do it Online and follow the available instructions.

Required Documents

You can start Cancel CR process and system will request required documents based on the legal type.

Required Approvals

Application will be sent to verifier for approval.

Service Fees

Service is free of charge.

Access and Delivery Time