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Update your contact information, business activities, auditors and more.
Service Description

This service allows investors, authorized signatories or delegated persons to update the Commercial Registration. Before starting updating the commercial registration, the user has to read the instructions carefully and agree to the terms and conditions. The user has full responsibility for updating the commercial registration and he is considered aware of all regulations.

Service Eligible User

All Omani citizens and foreign persons with Oman ID/Resident Card can use the service. ID card should be PKI enabled.
All of the shareholders must be able to provide a digital signature by the PKI  enabled ID Card or Mobile Signature. Otherwise the CR must be registered in the service providers offices.

Digital signature will NOT be available to underage Oman citizens or residents and foreign persons without Oman ID/Resident Card.

Please note that online service allows maximum of 5 investors to sign application using  PKI  enabled ID Card while there is no limit for the Mobile Signature.

Service Procedure

To update a CR, user has to select the CR he needs to update and start the service. If additional documents are needed, user has to scan them with sufficient quality, one document per file and it should not be too big. User can start update process and system will request documents based on the entered data. To submit the application, all required fields in the sections user wants to update must be filled and all requested documents must be provided. Please note that updating one section may require updating another sections. System will not allow to submit application with inconsistent CR data.

Investors from USA and GCC countries are treated equally to Omanis. Foreign investment rules will be applied for companies with USA and GCC investors only in some cases. For more information please visit FAQ page before starting the application.

Please note that removing investors and redistribution of shares between partners should be done using transfer ownership service Provided by Invest Easy Service Offices.

In case system displays warnings, user has to be careful to submit such applications as system will allow him. But verifiers may reject the application and he will lose the paid money.

Required Documents

Required Documents will depend on the data user is updating. User can start update process and system will request documents based on the entered changes.

Required Approvals

Approvals depend on the sections user is updating. Some changes will be registered immediately after submission. E.g. Contact Information.

In case at least one updated section needs approval the application will be directed to verifier but all information which are not related to the verifier will be reflected immediately to the CR. In case user declared new activities he must declare the places of activities which he wants.

There are 245 activities that do not need licensing or further approval when starting business activities. A list of license free activities is available here . For other business activities, a license must be applied. Once a license application has been approved, user will be notified and business activities can be started. The status of the application can be followed using the View Application Status service.

Service Fees

Fees depend on the sections user is updating. Also it depends on the size of share capital. In case of legal type change, new registration fees will be applied.

Please note that special zone authorities might apply different fees according to special zone regulation. Please refer to the legal type description or special zone authority for further information.

Access and Delivery Time