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The first step before starting practicing any new activity should be to know the terms, conditions and and requirements of practicing it. To do so, investor can use the "License Simulator" service.
The license simulator determines the selected business activity type if it is flexible "free" business activity, restricted business activity (Integrated) or restricted business activity (Non-Integrated).

How to start practicing the business activity?

The 4 important steps to follow in order to start practicing a business activity









Activity to CR

Activity licensing requirements

Activity place

Practicing the activity

Activity can be added using either "New Commercial Registration" or "Update Commercial Registration" service.

Activity requirements can be known by using "License Simulator" service.

Based on the Business Activity licensing type, you have to decide either to use "My CR Licenses" or "My CR Places of Activities" service.


This process is considered as creating the branch for the CR.

After completing the previous step, investor can start practicing the Business Activity in the created Place (Branch).

How does the License Simulator work?

  1. The investor can enter the inputs: select the business activity, the place of activity, the legal type of the CR, the type of investment and other information.
  2. The License Simulator will collect and process the inputs to show the results.
  3. The results will be in the form of guidelines as follows:
    • Selected business activity is under which type?
    • What to do to be able to start practicing the business activity.
    • Full information about how to license the business activity, and it includes: terms and conditions, documents and requirements, response time and fees.